I'm a Front End Developer with more than 15 years of experience

About Me

alfonso catron

My Name is Alfonso Catrón, I live in Córdoba, Argentina.
I am a front end developer. I am cross-disciplinary and able to take a project through to completion, handling everything from UI design, front-end dev, back-end dev server management when needed.

Even while this site is using Codeigniter (!!). I have big love and thankfulness for WordPress, which allows me to meet the most awesome people in the world, and is the tool that I use to make a living. I use it for all of my projects nowadays, and I work at the support team of the awesome WP Rocket plugin

My career has driven me into very different work scenarios: I've been a solo worker, I've managed development teams, I worked remotely with the most awesome people from very different countries like USA, France, UK, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Jamaica, India, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia etc

Areas of Expertise

  • WordPress Customer Support: I provide customer support for WP Rocket, the perforance plugin. I do troubleshooting and debugging, bug reporting, documentaation, training and coaching, tooling and automations
  • Front End Developer: I translate graphic mockups into pixel-perfect code; I write HTML, CSS, and JavasCript. I'm familiar with cross browser support and responsive design. I develop custom web apps, backends, CMSs, etc. I use PHP, MySql and CodeIgniter.
  • UI-UX Designer: I design web interfaces with obsessive love.

Skills & Interests

Front End HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery AngularJS SaSS Bootstrap NPM Bower Gulp PHP CodeIgniter
Backend MySql RESTful APIs Apache Server SSH
CMS WordPress WooCommerce Shopify
Drupal Prestashop
Software & Tools GIT Coda Sublime Text Slack Trello Adobe Fireworks Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop
Other Interests Being a good dad Being a good friend Guitar Playing NGOs Organic Farming Ashtanga Yoga Raw Food & Vegetarianism

Contact me

I am currently working at WP Media, creators of the most powerful caching plugin for WordPress: WP Rocket.
If you have a project you'd like to discuss please get in touch.